Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 18, 2011

I just updated this blog. The items not marked sold are still for sale.

Monday, February 28, 2011

I did not make it back to Salt Lake in time for the VHF Society's Swap Meet. This was due to the weather. My Ranger pick-up was loaded and ready to go. I took pictures as I unloaded it today, and thought that I would post the items on a blog and see if I can still sell some if.

Most of the stuff has come from almost 20 years of ham radio hobby and swap meets. Some of it I have listed a price. On most of the other stuff please make me an offer.

The best way to get in touch with me is via the cell phone

435 610-0591

You can text me at that number or send me an email at



Odds and ends

Anything that you want please let me know. The GPS units are older Trimble units

Motorola radios 800 mhz

I have the following Motorola radios. Not sure if any of them work. Most came from D.I.
Radius can't read the model number
MaxTrac D45MWA5??7AK
Chargers as seen in photos
Make offer on what you want.

MultiFax MF-R1 Weather Satellite Receiver

I used this unit to receive weather fax signals from the various NOAA satellites. I was using a Quad Helix antenna and computer program that I was able to download off of the internet. Radio works great. I have an adapter from motorola to UHF that I will include. Make offer.

Auto Phone Patch CS-900 FT-2200

Connect Systems CS-900 phone patch and Yaesu FT-2200 VHF radio. This is a second FT2200 and not the same radio that I am selling with the I-Gate system. The mic on this radio works but has seen better days. The radio works fine. I have a cable that will fit the FT2200 and one that will work with a Yaesu FT-7400 / 2400/ 2500. I also have a FT-7400 that was only used for the auto patch that I would be willing to sell for the right price. It is in great condition and has spent its life in the shack, never mobile. I have the manual for the radio and the CS-900.

The auto patch works great and is still being sold new from HRO. Check out the details at these links.

This works great for VOX simplex (no repeater needed) but can be used through a repeater.

I will sell the units by themselves or as a package deal.

APRS I-Gate station Kantronics KAM TNC FT2200

This is my APRS I-Gate station setup. It includes a Kantronics All Mode KAM TNC, a Yaesu FT-2200, and a GE Power suppy. I have all of the cables, manuals, and the mic for the FT-2200 (if I remember right the mic has problems). I was using this with APRS+SA on a Windows 98 computer. It ran 24/7 for several years. The power supply was for a GE Phoenix radio and has the cables and jacks for the Phoenix. I will sell the units all together or by themselves.

GE MVS radios and progammer

I have 10 each GE MVS VHF radios. Some are good for parts only. One or more are in working condition. I also have the programmer and software for these. The programmer plugs into the mic jack. These are great units for ham use. I have one as a base unit in my home. Like the Phoenix radios these units work great for all kinds of ham projects. I am not in a big hurry to get rid of these and might keep the programmer. If the offer is right I will let them go.

Micronta 2.5 amp power supply

radio shack power supply. 2.5 amps. works well. The binging posts are not stock and work.

Astron 10 amp power supply

I beleive that this is a Astron 10 amp power supply, no lable. I thought that this unit was dead but I plugged it in to test it today and it has a pawer output of 13.8 volts. No gurantee on this one, make me an offer.

Odds and ends

Anything that you see in the picture that you want just let me know.

Saratoga EZ-PSK

Saratoga EZ-PSK. This is set up for a Yaesu 8-pin mic but you could change it without much effort. I bought this unopened at a swap meet many moons ago. The quality control was less than what I would have expected. I had to go through the unit and solder connections. After doing that I realized how easy it would be to build my own sound card interfaces so I never used this one. It works, I have never used it after I made sure it worked. Make an offer.


The Transmitter is a Tempo VHF handheld with a gell-cell battery. A TinyTrak3 can be installed to make a tracker unit or programmed as a Fox for hidden transmitter hunts. The Military can has antenna jacks for a VHF antenna and one for the GPS antenna.
I sold the TinyTrak3 units

Vertex UHF moble radio

Vertex (Yaesu) UHF moble radio, 4 channel. It is programmed with GMRS frequencies now but I have had it programmed in the ham band (this might be just the opposite of what I just said). It has a DTMF pad and mount. I also have the program cable and software to program this radio and other Vertex radios that were being sold at the same time this unit was new. This would be great for a Echo Link, IRLP, or as a link radio. Make me an offer.

Icom IC-F3 VHF radios

Icom F3 VHF radios. These are former military units that have seen the battlefield. They will program in the ham band with no problem. I am including the programmer and software, manuals and a few new antennas. These work great for APRS trackers or handhelds. Some of the displays are toast, some may not work. No batteries. Make me an offer.

Icom desk chargers

New icom desk chargers. BC-119, 2 AD-81, BC-143. Make offer

NMO mounts and cables

NMO mounts, new, Motorola, Antenex, Larson, Make offer for one or all

MaxRad antennas

Most of these are new. 5/8, 1/2 wave 2 meter and one 220 antenna. make offer

GE power supply

GE power supply, dead, does not work, make offer

Astron RS-20A power supply

Astron RS-20A power supply. Dead, does not work, make offer.

BayPac BP-1 Tigertronics


I have two Tigertronics BayPac BP-1 modems. One is new and the other one has had very little use. I have a cable for a handheld and the software with them. SOLD, SOLD, SOLD

RF finder, hidden transmitter, fox hunt.

This is a directional RF finder. It was a kit that I picked up at a swap meet 15 year ago. It has a BNC connector and a lpug for your speaker on a handheld. It uses a 9 volt battery. It works well for Fox Hunts, finding hidden transmitters, stuck mics, etc I would like $10 or best offer.